The Loyal Son Returns Home

Donovan McNabb returned to Philly and defeated the Eagles, 17-12. (Associated Press)

Donovan McNabb returned to Philadelphia on Sunday as he led the Washington Redskins to a NFL afternoon game versus his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles.  McNabb was received warmly by the Eagles fans, who have a notorious reputation of booing their heroes and prickly acceptance of them. The Redskins won the game, 17-12.

This past spring, McNabb was traded to Washington to make room for backup Kevin Kolb to be the starter.  The rap on McNabb was that he was “never the guy” the fans wanted.  From the day he was drafted to the day he was traded, McNabb has been an enigma in Philly.

Though he's injured, Michael Vick isn't shy to give McNabb credit for taking him under his wings.

The fans and the media say that he never showed the emotion that former 76ers Allen Iverson and Charles Barkley displayed.  He was more in sync with the Phillies’ Mike Schmidt.  J. Wyatt Mondesire, a local publisher and head of the NAACP, went as far as to call McNabb a “house-man” because Donovan toed the company line.  Terrell Owens threw McNabb under the bus during his brief stay with the Eagles.

You don’t want to know what a “house-man” is, or the uncensored version of it.

Maybe all of that loyalty to a team and a city can be a detriment, rather than a good thing.  Loran Storts, from My Iron Works, at Monday’s Net2Work, said that one of the keys to landing a new job is showing loyalty to a company and staying for several years.

The employers (Eagles, sports talking heads, and the fans) didn’t feel a need to be loyal to the  employee (McNabb) who showed loyalty to them, despite guiding them to numerous NFC East Division titles and a Super Bowl appearance. This is one of the factors on why leaders “quit” when no one wants them to succeed, according to Justin Wise of Be Deviant.

Angelo Cataldi, popular sports talk host on WIP radio. Hit the picture to read about what this fool and his "Dirty 30" did.

Did you know that McNabb advocated for Michael Vick to be acquired by the Eagles? He’s the one who helped Vick get his football career back in order, all the while being the focal point of being replaced in favor of Vick or Kolb?

The Eagles fans are rooting for Vick and all of the NFL is rooting for Vick to succeed and earn the trust of people again after his criminal transgressions.

It’s too bad the Philly press and fans still act like McNabb doesn’t deserve any credit for being loyal and helping give a teammate a second chance.

Donovan McNabb deserved better from Philadelphia, but he has always taken the high road as he remained loyal and supportive of the team, the city, and it’s fans.

He shouldn’t have to apologize at all for beating the Eagles.

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