Getting Out at the Right Time

Principal announces another major layoff. This time, it's their medical insurance business part of the company.

Last week, Principal announced that they are eliminating 1,500 jobs (650 in the metro area) as they get out of the medical insurance business. They are selling their medical insurance part of their company to United Healthcare.  Most of them will be moved into different departments over the next three years.

Is it me or do I think that Barry Griswell (recession and major layoffs) got out at the right time like Bob Ray (farm crisis) did when he stepped down as governor in January 1983, before everyone hit a major bump in the road?

Mike Wagner of the White Rabbit Group.

Mike Wagner came up with the tweet of the day, as far as I’m concerned:

British parliamentarian Enoch Powell’s maxim “all political careers end in failure.”

So, how do leaders like Ray, Griswell, John Wooden, and others know when it’s time to leave and not overstay their welcome? 

They know what the weather is going to look like before everyone else does.

Or is it coincidence that they leave and conditions changes dramatically after they leave?

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