Social Media Activism

Popular best selling author and NY Magazine staff writer Malcolm Gladwell.

I have to admit, it’s hard to read a book from Malcolm Gladwell.  He is an interesting person and he writes about topics and things that make people think about the little things that could make or break your career or events. Gladwell writes in a way that I have to stop and re-read it several times in order to understand it.

No wonder why I’ve never been able to finish reading any of his successful books like “Blink”, “What the Dog Saw?” and “The Tipping Point” among others.

On Monday, Gladwell wrote an column in the New York Magazine about how he feels that social media can’t replicate the type of activism that was done in the past (Civil Rights era in particular).

This of course, elicited many responses online.  Kate Carruthers on her Posterous blog “thoughtstream” said Gladwell is fundamentally wrong in his assessment, and Tyler Cowen goes even further, advocating that “loose ties favor campaigns to get out the vote and sign petitions; those developments can bring about many positive changes.”

I don’t have an initial opinion on this yet.  I’m rereading Gladwell’s column for the 3rd time.  I think I got the gist of it, but what do those in my local social media circles and across the world think of what he wrote?

Is he correct in that social media can’t recreate social activism or is he misguided in that notion?

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