Player Haters: A Lesson From Boise State

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After years of dreaming, planning, and devising a business plan, you have finally opened up your own business.  You cultivate new clients, provide the best service, and is highly regarded as a rising upstart.

But, there are those who are either jealous or strongly feel that you don’t belong in their league.  They bend the rules and expect you to fail.  They’ll pat you on the head and say “nice job” and behind your back they wished you go away.

How do you deal with “player haters” like these?

The Boise State Broncos. Click to see the three plays that put them in college football's elite.

Ask the Boise State Broncos about that feeling.

On Monday, the Broncos continue building their reputation as a great team by beating Virginia Tech, 33-30.  And yet, college football critics still look at the Broncos as a team that have no place in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) discussion with Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, and yes, Iowa.

Boise State has done everything that is required of them to do.  They go out and play teams from high-profile conferences, take their lumps, and find a way to turn those lumps into big wins.  They went undefeated and hasn’t broken any NCAA rules.

But, to their critics, like Gary Barnett and Colin Cowherd, they would rather see Boise go away.  The Broncos are “messing up” the status quo that is the BCS.

“They don’t play anyone outside of Oregon St. and Virginia Tech this year.” It’s not their fault the teams in the WAC conference is bad.  Boise St. has to play them.  It’s on the other schools to play better and win games themselves.

“If they had to play (fill-in the school)’s schedule, they would finish in the middle of the pack.” So freaking what?  Alabama, with the schedule they have, could end up in the middle of the pack.  It’s called luck and good play.

“Boise State is ‘taking’ someone else’s BCS spot, if they go undefeated.” If the Broncos do “steal” that spot that they “don’t deserve”, they shouldn’t apologize to anyone.  The team that gets slighted probably should have done a lot more to solidify their resume.

There are plenty of "haters" out there who don't you to be in their league.

Seriously, how many “haters” do Boise have?  In business, how many “haters” do you have? If they’re spending so much time criticizing you, telling others that you are an “one-trick pony”, it’s likely that they’re losing business…to you.

Take Boise’s attitude and apply it to you goals:  keep doing what you do best and do it better. Ultimately, everyone will have to accept you, whether they like it or not.

You are here to stay.

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