“Be Interesting”

Could this man replace "the most interesting man in the world (Dos Equis man)"?

A while back, I heard an intriguing sentence that made me stop and think.  “If you’re not popular, or a star, be interesting.” Most of us are not A-listers, superstars, or famous people.  Sometimes, we have to do something in order to get noticed or be ingrained into the psyche of society. It can be good or it could be bad.

Most of you do not know who Jeffrey Ross is (picture above).  That is totally alright if you don’t.  Ross is a comedian, but his best skill is being a “roaster” on celebrity roasts.  He does that quite well, if you are unafraid to sit through a barrage of “blue” jokes and crude humor.

But, you wonder why I am talking about Ross for?  Simple.  He isn’t well-known in the entertainment world unless you follow it real closely, watch a lot of Comedy Central, or love to listen to comedians and know everything about them.  He’s no Brad Pitt, William Shatner, or Betty White.

He makes himself interesting by doing celebrity roasts by doing and saying outlandish stuff to get people to see him.  See exhibit A below:

Ross dons a speedo to pay homage to David Hasselhoff's role in "Baywatch." Courtesy of Kevin Winter, Getty Images, hosted by The Vancouver Sun.

The main idea is this:  it doesn’t matter if you are the best-looking individual or popular.  By “being interesting”, it simply means you find a way to stand out above the crowd and show others why you are good at what you do, be it skill, expertise, or talent.

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