Lord Football Has Returned

Will the Hoover Huskies (green) turn things around on the gridiron? We'll find out tonight when they host Indianola at McGrane Stadium.

August might be the dog days of summer, but to millions of us, August gives us an opportunity to prepare, plan, and salivate at the notion that our favorite time of the year has graced us with its blessings again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, August marks an important month in the lives of a large sector of our fellow Americans. It’s a huge part of who we are, what we believe in, and in most cases, no one can object to. There is aura in the air anytime we think of this occasion and the next six months we’ll spend enjoying it like a deity.

Tyler "Bleeper Bleeping" Sash will be patrolling the defensive backfield for your Hawkeyes.

Kids, it’s Christmas Time once again.

Football’s back.

Lord Football returns, giving us gifts of hard hits, big plays, and fantasy action.  The Lord doesn’t discriminate, nor does he plays favorites.  The game of football is for all to embrace, with its pageantry, the scenery, and the countdown to kickoff.  Oh the wonder! Athlon, the NFL Network, the Iowa Prep Fanatic, and College Gameday.  Facepaint, pom-poms, and pulling out that old team jersey on game day.

It’s about the Bears, Chiefs, Packers, and Vikings.  It’s about the Hawkeyes, Panthers, Cyclones, and Bulldogs.  It’s also about the Storm, Mustangs, Kohawks, and yes, Knights .  It’s too hard not to include the Maroons, Bluejays, Scarlets, and Huskies.  For a certain few, it’s the Titans, Hurricanes, or the Rocks of Rock Island.

Monmouth (red) remembers how Wartburg (white) ended their playoff season on this touchdown catch by Justin Vetter in 2008. The rematch is on September 4th in Waverly.

Our nation should deem August 1st as an official start to the football season every year because this game, football, is one of passion, loyalty, and pride.  You rejoice on every touchdown, you cringe when they fumble.  You cry when they lose and yes, you cry when they win.

Football is a game that bring those from and far and wide to catch up on life, dissect each play, and come up with catchy chants to put down the opposing team.  Yes, my brethren, it is time for football.  No longer shall August be the dog days of summer as it has been referred to.

Get ready to take the field and march towards touchdowns galore!

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