Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant

All of us have been guilty of making assumptions of people and groups.  When we shout and make comments like “they’re all crooks” or “pro-athletes are selfish”, we never stop to separate the bad from the good.

For as many athletes that show off their homes on MTV’s “Cribs” there is a Pau Gasol who aspired to be doctor, and Kevin Durant who quietly signed a contract extension with his team and keeps a low profile.

Not every millionaire goes out of their way not to pay for taxes.  According to Yahoo and Investopedia, those in the top 1% of earners, they pay about 40 percent of all the taxes in the country.  And yet, all rich people are bad, even if they pay taxes, give back to the community and act like normal people.

We choose to ignore the actual facts and lump people into groups as a way to vent and direct anger towards them if something goes wrong.

It shouldn’t be like this, but in today’s society, we’re always looking for a scapegoat, someone or something to blame.

The main idea for today is don’t assign blame or throw a blanket over a group.  If you want to point out an individual for scrutiny, then do so, but lumping everyone who is doing the right thing with those who chooses not to do the right thing is a recipe for problems.

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