Priorities All Wet

Hilton Coliseum, courtesy of Chris Williams of Cyclone Fanatic.

I wrote a post in June about making flood-prone areas like Birdland Park and Four Mile Creek a priority if we wanted to prevent another disastrous flood.

Maybe today will finally be the moment that the State of Iowa, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the federal government can stop fumbling their thumbs and come up with an aggressive plan to do something in preventing a scene like this:

Cedar Rapids, 2008

and this…

…and, sadly as of right now in Ames, this…

Courtesy of Christopher Gannon of the Des Moines Register.

Have we learned anything from 1993?  2008?  Right now?

If not, then we will never learn from history.  With as much technological and eco-friendly ideas we have on the drawing board, we can’t seem to put our heads together and find a way to prevent a creek, river, or a dam from wiping out someone’s home.

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