Less Is More


I’m a collector of information.  Whether it’s on a sheet of paper, folder, or on the internet, I save things as a reference when I need to use it.  The drawback to that is I hate to part with certain things because they can never be reproduced again.  I’ve cleaned out my apartment and my office several times in the past 8 months of old papers, bills, and useless stuff that are too old to keep.

Recently, I have been forcing myself to adopt the principle of “less is more.” The less clutter and stuff you have, the more space you have.  You can function more without having so much stuff to deal with.

Stephanie Rosenbloom of the New York Times recently wrote a story about a couple in Portland, Oregon who were not happy with their lives, despite having a nice apartment, two cars, and great jobs.  They “downgraded” their lives and, in turn, have become happier.

It can’t be said enough that we’re keeping a close eye on our pocketbooks these days given the economic bumps we’ve hit.  Also, as humans, there is a degree of discontent and worrying about “how are we going to keep up?”

Are we seeing a trend in which people are rediscovering ways to do more with less?  Is it easier to break free from struggling and fighting to have everything that everyone else has?

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