Sports Links for Reading


Tonight I found several sports links that has slipped under the radar and goes more into the games and the athletes.

Harsh criticism on Jenn Sterger (above) for her distasteful tweet about Danica Patrick.

Susan Shan is a sports blogger who has written very good articles on sports.  Earlier this week, she took issue with Jenn Sterger, the sports hottie from Florida State that went nuclear on Danica Patrick two weeks ago at the ESPY’s.

-The website Every Night Should Be Saturday Night, a knock-off of the original and funny Everyday Should Be Saturday, “outed” the person behind the “Bylaw Blog” which provided great unbiased and detailed information on the complexities of the NCAA compliance rules. The comments, as expected, was one of outrage.

I Googled up the Bylaw Blog, but I believe that the blogger, Loyola Marymount Compliance Director John Infante, may have taken it down.

The Wiz of Odds is a great aggregate of sports news.   Managed and run by Iowa native and former L.A. Times sports writer, Jay Christensen, The Wiz has a list of sports stories that are interesting, strange, and informative.

-If you are a football geek and love to break down a play and the technical side of the game, Smart Football by Chris Brown is the site you should add to your readership.  The topics Brown covers include football history, philosophy, strategy, Xs and Os, game-planning, and probability/decision analysis.

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