Here We Go Again…

"Uh, Shirley, if you come back and take a new position with USDA, we'll forget that this ever happen. We'll have a good laugh and a beer over this!"

Shirley Sherrod should be upset and angry.  The “rush to judgment” card tagged her like a catfish on a fish hook.  Our society has again perfected the “guilty until proven innocent” rationale.

She didn’t have to accept the apologies from the White House, or the NAACP, but she did.  She sure as hell shouldn’t accept one from Andrew Breitbart, who chose to splice up Sherrod’s speech and turn it into a 30-second “gotcha” soundbite that has gotten national attention over the past 3 days.

Shirley came out a big winner, by how she has handled it:  with class and calmness.

Talk about having…

Let’s get a few things clear here:  Secretary Vilsack didn’t (directly) fire her, President Obama green-lighted and endorsed the firing.  Vilsack’s job is to fall on the damn sword for the President.  The NAACP piled on her as well, despite the fact that they videotaped Sherrod’s speech in February.  They were too lazy to pull out the tape and watch it before they condemned her as well.

To make things worse, this is another black eye to journalism, as an agenda-creating narcissistic hack made a mockery of the press again by “manufacturing” a news story by purposely omitting facts as a way to instigate controversy.  And once again, we invoked the “rush-to-judgment” clause, by condemning Shirley Sherrod, without ever hearing her side of the story.

I guess the Duke University Lacrosse case didn’t remind us that “if you don’t learn from history, you’ll keep making the same mistakes.”

My professor in college said it best, as I paraphrase his thoughts:

“people who look for 30-second soundbites and an easier way to get the news are lazy.  Read, watch, and listen to the entire story before reacting.”

The honeymoon's over, O. And so is the goodwill that you had. Welcome to real life in Washington, D.C.

It’s sad that we’ll never learn to stop doing this, because we have adopted the lazy practice of forming an opinion, based on initial reaction and not what is factual anymore.

And no, Tom, she doesn’t want a new “unique” position.

She wants her old job back.

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