“Date My Kid, Please!!”


Geri and her son, Colby Brin, courtesy of Katherine McPherson via CNN.

In 3 consecutive weekends, I will have three good friends get married (in the case of two of them, to each other) and a cousin who is going down the aisle. As someone who hasn’t dated, I have a lot of mixed emotions, most of it being happy.  I’m no marriage counselor, but I think weddings and marriages are a good thing, regardless of who it is.

Geri Brin of New York City made a decision that will peak interest or scorn.  Geri launched the site “Date My Single Kid” as a way to find dates for her son Colby.  Colby doesn’t seem to mind, because according to him, Mom knows him better than anyone.

I don’t know if I feel comfortable having my parents set up dates for me.  It backfired on my old man one time.  At age 24, I knew internally I wasn’t ready to date.  I was trying to get my feet wet in the corporate world, I knew no one in Des Moines at that time, and I didn’t feel I was “mature” enough to do it.

The old man was going to “push” me into dating a person he knew.  She was a nice individual, but we could not be so totally different.  I told him I wasn’t interested and I was not going to do it.  He didn’t take that very well.  The point is that parents “think” they know what their kids want out in a potential mate, when in reality, they want their kids to date the person they “think” is perfect, in their own eyes.

What worked in the ’40’s, ’60’s, and ’80’s do not apply to 2010 with respects to dating.  For me, I feel that I’m ready to date now, but I still have some “me” issues that needs to be addressed.  Once I can finally exorcise those demons, the better.

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Well, I did stay at a Ramada Inn a few weeks ago….

  2. Mike Harper says:

    “I’m no marriage counselor, but I think weddings and marriages are a good thing, regardless of who it is.”

    Oh, really?

  3. Go getem, Rommelle.

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