Is “Uncle Brent” getting screwed?

Tom Jackson (left) and "Boomer" Chris Berman (right), both of ESPN.

Last Tuesday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that ESPN’s Chris Berman will receive the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television award.  There was plenty of outrage on why Berman was bestowed this honor and not those more deserving like the late Tom Brookshier, Al Michaels, and Howard Cosell.  Today, a strong case has been made for the following individual to finally get his due…

...this guy

Brent Musberger has covered sports, first with the Chicago Tribune, then CBS, and currently with ESPN/ABC for nearly 40 years.  How “Uncle Brent” hasn’t received the Rozelle Award is beyond outrage.

It’s criminal.

The outstanding sports media website, Fang Bites managed by former news radio reporter Kenneth Fang, ripped the HOF’s decision to award Chris Berman.  His blog and tweet provoked the head of ESPN PR head Bill Hofheimer to reply back to Fang via Twitter saying Berman was worthy.  To prove his point, Fang rolled out the viral and written resume of Uncle Brent today.

Upon further review, I’m with Fang here on Musberger.  In fact, it endorses the sentiment of sports fans about Musberger.  Uncle Brent set the bar for hosting a pre-game studio show.  Don’t get wrong, Berman is a good anchor and studio show host.  But he’s not the greatest.  His best assets is coming up with nicknames, catchy phrases, and his work on the NFL highlights with Tom Jackson is stellar.

Uncle Brent’s work in NBA games, The NFL Today, studio shows, and college football to name a few, makes him stand out above Berman.  I would go as far as to put Berman’s colleague Bob Ley in front of him for his anchor work and his outstanding work with “Outside the Lines.”

Which brings up the question:  is Brent Musberger getting screwed?  Is CBS still punishing him after they unceremoniously dumped him after the 1990 Final Four?  What did Berman have that Brent doesn’t have?  Is it fair?

No, it’s not fair.  The Football HOF should give Uncle Brent his due.

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Disagree, lgdrain. His work way before the McCoy love is what should merit his induction.

    Being an older guy, the first thing I remember on Sundays is Sunday School, and then Brent on CBS’ NFL Today. CBS had such a huge presence because they carried the NFL on television in the 50’s.

    NBC’s pre-game coverage was pedestrian at best during Brent’s tenure on the NFL Today. Bryant Gumbel, Costas, and Paul Maguire to name a few were good, but everyone in America watched Brent, Irv, Phyllis, and the Greek.

  2. lgdrain says:

    Brent screwed himself with his love affair of Texas, Notre Dame and Colt McCoy–nevermind the facts!!–he doesn’t deserve induction ever!!

  3. Steve Young says:

    The hard aprt about the Berman vs. Brent discussion is that the Rozelle Award isn’t honoring a broadcaster’s contributions to sports as a whole, or even football as a whole, just professional football. In this context, I think that Berman is the more worthy recipient of the two because when I think of Chris Berman, the NFL is the first thing that comes to mind, and his name is one of the first that comes to mind when I think about NFL broadcasters.

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