In one ear and out the other


Post-script from the ESPYs:  I was thinking of something that has been on my mind since Wednesday night, after Aaron Thomas’ acceptance speech.

How many professional athletes and coaches who were in attendance at the Nokia Theater for the ESPYs is going to “take heart” to what Aaron said?

Maybe it’s me, but how likely is it for athletes like Terrell Owens and Albert Haynesworth to take Aaron’s speech and apply (or reapply) it to their lives?

To the majority of those athletes (and entertainers), it goes through one ear and out the other.

Which is a shame because individuals who are grounded in their lives are the ones who will benefit from the speech.  It gives them reinforcement to remember the principles they were taught at home, school, church, or any place.  Principles such as humility, respect, sportsmanship, and responsibility.

Do you think that the audience at the ESPYs will take Aaron Thomas’ speech about what his dad taught him and use it in their lives?

I’m not holding breath on the answer.  Sadly, I think I know the overall response will be.

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