Don’t forget to “brand” what you do best

What is your "brand"?

I’m not sure if I want to offer an opinion of “LeBronapalooza” as LeBron James’ primetime announcement of what team he will play for draws near this evening.  I’m having too much fun re-watching Lindsay Lohan’s reaction to being sentenced to jail for 90 days for violating her probation and not reporting every week to a treatment center.

The buildup over where LeBron goes has reached a level that is unprecedented.

Adrian Wojarnowski of Yahoo sports offers a frank observation of the so-called “circus”.

Beyond that, there is no doubt that LeBron is about “branding” himself as a “global icon”.  He also knows that, similar to the business world, you can have a brand, but you have to deliver the goods (win a NBA title).  Maybe that’s the problem.  He’s focused solely on his “name” brand and not what he can bring to a team and the results.  Not branding what he is good at could be a detriment for him.

What you do well or what your strongest skills are, is what you brand.  Not the other way around.  If you’re branding yourself something that you are not, then you should sit down and figure out who you really are.

How do you “brand” yourself?

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