In search of: passion


This morning, I attended the monthly gathering of #CIB (Central Iowa Bloggers), which is pretty much a gathering of people who are heavily entrenched in social media, bloggers, or non-bloggers who network and toss ideas around.

By the way, I need to talk to someone to figure out how come my blog hasn’t been posted under the Blogs & Blogging category, five months after I submitted my blog’s info to be put on the list?  Everytime I try to re-add it, it tells me that I’ve already submitted it.

As someone with a speech disfluency, it’s challenging enough that I have to answer questions, but when people keep asking me “what do you want to do” after I tell them that I’m searching for a new job, it becomes frustrating and I’m at a loss for words.

I don’t know what I want to do.  I don’t know what my passion is. To continue getting these questions were starting to get to me mentally because I don’t have an answer for it.  I’m involved in things that I like to do.  That doesn’t mean that they are a passion. It keeps me busy and is a way to invest myself into the fabric of the community.

Life is convoluted and there are no answers.  I had a hard time trying to put that into words for Lori Murga and Jean Becker, who run and operate their own companies.  They found the passion, much quicker than I can.

How can I have a passion, when I never really had one?

Today’s new report on unemployment doesn’t really help much.

I’ve kept silent about how I feel for far too long.  I’ve been putting a positive spin on it for as long as I could.  Briana Karp said “you are homeless.  You are not a bum”.  For unemployeds who are trying to find their way, “you are unemployed.  You are not pariah”.

Sometimes, I just need to vent.  It’s not as easy for many as it is for some to find passion.

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