Mom in Brazil – Day 1

Several tractors and combines that were made in Horizontina, Brazil.

Mom arrived in Sao Paulo Sunday morning, then took a connector flight to Passo Fundo, and arrived in Horizontina after a three-hour road trip.  When she made it to her hotel room, it was dark outside.

This afternoon, my sister decided to order an international long-distance bundle from the phone company, which would give her the opportunity to conduct a three-way conversation between Mom, her, and I.  Crafty little sister I have.  I prefer to do email.

Anyway, Mom talked about how she ended up getting a crash course on Brazil.  Today is the first day of summer here.  Down there, today is the first day of winter.  The equator flips the script on seasons.  The northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun as the southern half tilts away.  Horizontina is two hours ahead of us, so when we called at 4:30 pm, it was 6:30 pm and already dark.  Mom was bundled up in her room with two comforters.  It was currently 30 degrees outside. The hotel has no heaters and no air conditioners!

She went on to describe her first day at the Horizontina plant.  The plant employees works from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday, as they planned and assembled tractors and agricultural machinery for farmers across South America.  She’ll head back to the plant tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, before leaving Friday morning.

I did some researching of Horizontina.  The population (circa 2004) is 18,046.  The majority of the citizens of Horizontina is of German, Polish, and Italian decent who arrived in the region in the late 1920’s.

What I didn’t know was that someone famous hails from Horizontina.

Ooh la la! It's Mrs. Tom Brady!!

Yep, Gisele Bundchen, supermodel extraordinaire and married to Tom Brady, the star quarterback for the NFL’s New England Patriots.

Not too bad for a small town to have one of their own recognized all over the world.  It reminds me of those who have hailed from Waterloo and have made a name for themselves, for good or bad.

Most notably the Sullivan Brothers, First Lady Lou Henry Hoover, singer Tracie Spencer, congresswoman Michelle Bachman, NFL star Darren Sproles, baseball umpire Don Denkinger, and football referee Larry Nemmers.

Mom and I will talk, on email, Tuesday after she finishes up her second day at Horizontina.

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Dude, I didn’t know she was born in Waterloo until I wiki-ed Waterloo last night as I was writing this up!! Imagine my horror! At least she moved to Minnesota, she’s their problem now! Add John Wayne Gacy to the list as well as infamous bad people are concerned! He was running his in-law’s KFC stores and received Man of the Year. Not too long after that he went downhill and split town. For every Bachmann and Gacy, the Sullivans, Gable, Don Perkins, makes it all good for the local peeps!!

  2. Man, why do you gotta go soil the name of Waterloo with Michele Bachmann’s name? Waterloo’s so much better than that!

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