Going Overboard for Attention

From time to time, you’re going to come across someone that is so far off the deep end, rather than talk about that person all of the time, it’s better for you to ignore that person…for your own sanity and common sense.

Steve King, 5th District (R), of Kiron. Trust me, not all Republicans are like him, if you're willing to take off the blinders and see the "whole" picture.

Since being elected to Congress in 2002, Steve King has created quite a niche for himself as a rabble rouser extraordinaire.

There’s too many quotes and antics to list that would prove my previous statement. The latest one doesn’t bother me one bit. But I do have to disagree with his statement.  Obama doesn’t favor “all” black people.  In return, not many African-Americans are in love with Obama right now.  Particularly with African-Americans running for elected office.

However, I have to disagree with the notion that he’s an embarrassment to the state of Iowa.  He’s not an embarrassment to the whole state of Iowa.

He’s an embarrassment to western Iowa and the 5th District.  I don’t live in his district.  Many of you who are commenting about it on Twitter don’t live in his district.  Leonard Boswell is my Congressional representative in the 3rd District.  And don’t give me the “King represent Iowa in Congress, so he represent ‘all’ of us” excuse.  He represents the 5th District, not you.  Therefore, that is the 5th’s issue to deal with.

By taking off the political and ideological rose-colored glasses, King craves attention by saying things to “shock” the public into noticing him.  People who do anything to garner attention to themselves are people who either lack self-confidence or is trying to fill a need that they couldn’t achieve at some point of their lives.

He uses the political realm to achieve that.  Not all Republicans or Democrats are as nutty as King is.  The less you pay attention to him, the less relevant and attention he receives.  It’s too bad many of us don’t learn how to ignore the drama.

I’m not a shrink, but I did stay at a Super 8 motel.

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