Football + money + conference shuffling = egos

Is Iowa State bound for the Iowa Conference???

The story of the year (and it’s not even close) is the rumored major shuffling of schools leaving their athletic conferences.

If you think that this is going to be an easy task to explain, I have the Court Avenue Bridge in Des Moines to sell you.  And I’ll throw a bag o’ donuts along with it.

It’s all about money, if you asked me.

Is Missouri leaving?  Will Nebraska flip the bird to Texas and go to the Big 10.  Will Kansas basketball end up playing in places like Cheyenne, Provo, Las Cruces?

Of course, as this story changes every day, KU might end up traveling to Emporia, Waverly, and Little Rock.

This is better than watching a soap opera.

Let's start the bidding for the Court Ave. bridge at $1. Do I hear $2???

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