Report: Colorado to bolt on Wednesday

"We're out (maybe?)!"

Chip Brown of the Texas Longhorns message board,, is a busy boy these days.

Brown has reported, from two sources, that the University of Colorado is expected to announce that they will leave the Big 12 and head to the Pac-10.  But there is financial catch if the Buffaloes want to break camp. In order to leave, Colorado will have to pay a $1o million (penalty) fee.

I’ll believe it when I actually see CU officials get up on the podium and say “we’re out” in their best Cosmo Kramer voice.

I guess we won’t have to hear Dan Hawkins talk about the Big 12 again like he did in this classic rant:

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Thank you for the compliment. Your Monica Lewinsky take was very funny and great. It’s hard to believe that Syracuse was much talked about at the beginning of the year, and now has been replaced by Missouri, Colorado, and Baylor.

  2. andyandvickie says:

    Ha ha ha. Great post. I love watching all the stories fly. My hope is that my alma mater- Syracuse- finds a better place to be.

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