Projects are good…as long as we stay “afloat”


This week, 160 Des Moines area business and government leaders head out to Washington, D.C. to lobby for financial funding for projects that will enhance the quality of life. The Register has a special section on the next several years that Des Moines will face, address, and do.

There are numerous concepts and plans that our leaders want to address and put into action…

-Building a DART transit hub

-extending Amtrak service to connect Des Moines to Omaha (and wipe out the southern Iowa routes like Creston, Burlington, and Ottumwa?)

-$9 million to complete the Principal Riverwalk

…and other projects that are good and amazing to have.

Let me suggest one project that should be on the group’s high priority list and must be done:

Let's not have this happen again...

Recognize this area?  It’s the Birdland Park area.  This is the marina in the picture above.  Getting new stuff via federal money is all well and good, but the biggest impact is doing what we can to secure funding to prevent the Birdland area, downtown, Four Mile Creek, and other areas from being underwater again.

People shouldn’t lose their homes and their hopes of having something done to prevent another “flood of the century” only to be followed by another major flood (1993 and 2008, respectively).

It was disappointing that the Des Moines Register didn’t have the Birdland levee project on their poll of what is the most important project that needs to be done.

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