If Armando isn’t upset, then why are you upset?

People make mistakes. Apologize and move on. What's so hard about doing that?

Last night, pitcher Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers was going for a feat that 20 other pitchers have done:  pitch a perfect game.  On what appeared to be a bang-bang play, Cleveland shortstop Jason Donald hits a grounder, Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera went to field it as Galarraga went to cover first base.  Umpire Jim Joyce misjudged the play as he thought Donald beat out the throw and called Donald safe, thus breaking up the perfect game.

Replays showed that the throw from Cabrera to Galarraga was made before Donald touched the base.  What happened next was mass chaos and outrage towards Joyce for blowing a call that cost Galarraga a perfect game.

Last night should have been an example of not just the need to expand the usage of instant replay, which is being used solely for questionable home runs.  It was an example of owning up to a mistake, as well as sportsmanship and class.  Galarraga wasn’t upset at all by the bad call.  He smiled and said “hey, we make mistakes.” Joyce was emotional and upset at himself after he saw the replay after the game.  He walked down the hallway, found Galarraga, and apologized for his error.

What’s the main idea of this story?  Do not let one mistake define your life.  Do not let someone with ‘no life’ ruin your life with their irrationality and their misplaced emotions.  We are not perfect, and those who are still bagging Joyce for not being perfect, you’re a hypocrite.

The calls for Joyce to be punished is callous and misguided.  He owned up to his mistake, which you don’t see from people these days.  He didn’t wait for a few days and leave a voice mail, or wait for several weeks as President Obama and BP did to say “we dropped the ball” on the oil spill.  Joyce apologized right away.

And that’s not good enough?

It’s too bad the talking heads on sports radio and the majority of fans do not want to see it in that angle. The mob mentality in sports is amazing and pathetic at the same time.

The only person Jim Joyce needed to apologize to is Armando Galarraga and no one else, in which he did do last night.  Not to you and not to me.  If Galarraga isn’t upset about it, then why in the hell everyone else is?

Good question Armando.  I wished I knew.

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  1. TCMSM says:

    Galarraga may be upset, but he took it in stride. Heck, the guy was smiling and joking about what to tell his kids about how he almost had it!

  2. Great post. I think he’s upset, he’s just taking the high road. It doesn’t make sense to bellyache over something you have no control over.

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