5 Happy Lessons from Kelley Strout

Memorial Day was spent doing alumni duties.

I don’t have a topic to type up today.  When you spend your entire holiday weekend on campus for alumni meeting, receptions, and commencement, you don’t get a chance to write down a few things to share.

Today, Kelley Strout, who blogs “Optimistic Reflections”, wrote her list of the “5 Happy Lessons From Corporate America.”  Strout’s column isn’t just for young adults and recent graduates.  It also applies for older adults who are at a crossroads in their jobs and careers. Here are Kelley’s “5 Happy Lessons”:

-My personal values supersede my company’s values, always

-You CAN work within your passion

-Happiness is defined by MY choices

-Your potential isn’t defined by your title

-It’s NOT all about the money

Many of us has compromised our values in the good for “the company” and not for ourselves.  Most of us continue to define our identity to a “job title”, and what we are good at in our jobs.  Young professionals here in Des Moines continue to be led into that trap.  Ask them “what do you do?” and they’ll answer “I work for _____.” I’m not asking you for your job title.  I want you to describe what you do. Do you love to crunch numbers, manage people, or make decisions?  I’m sure I’m going to hear a gluttony of the “I work at Wells Fargo/Principal/Aviva” line at the Principal Charity Classic’s “Networking on the Green” Friday afternoon.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that if I’m looking for work, it’s “not about the money.”  It is and it isn’t.  You want to be well-compensated for the work you love to do and to give you the comfort that you can survive on. However, if you’re shooting for that big salary that goes with a job that you want, check out the job first and then ask yourself “Is it worth earning this much money for headaches, stress, and disillusionment?”

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