Housekeeping Items

Blogs do need some cleaning up and spiffing up once in a while.

When I started this blog, my intent was to learn how to utilize some of the features that WordPress has provided for hack writers like me.  I knew in my mind that I wanted to split the shorter stuff for the main blog and provide a page for longer “topical” entries.

I think I have solved that puzzle.  When you scroll your cursor across the category bar below the header (picture), you will notice that there are “sub-pages” under that category.  The “Topical Thoughts” have been updated.  This is where, when it’s appropriate, I’ll write a long-form blog on a certain topic.  Today’s new entry is on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

These "Champions" would approve of the new features.

Another category feature is “TV Themes”.  I’m an eccentric sort of fellow and this is a labor of love.  With inspiration from the website The Brand Chef (aka Andrew Clark) and sports website Fang Bites,  we’ll take a look back and remember the great television themes we know, themes from different countries, hidden gems, and think about how television has changed.  The first entry is on British TV themes that had American stars.

So, that’s the new updates on this blog.  Everything will stay the same, for the most part, which is interesting stories, opinions, and observations.

That’s pertaining if I can keep under 500 words, as a way to keep your attention and your readership.

Thank you and keep reading!

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