Follow up on Homelessness and Dating


I have a couple of post-scripts from this week’s posts on the Des Moines dating scene and the unemployed homeless.

I’ll start with the unemployed homeless.  If you read the comment section, a gentlemen by the name of DJ posted a comment and said that Brianna Karp, the focal point of Friday’s blog, is hearkening the same thoughts that he has been saying to those in the Twin Cities.  The main idea is that we’re not immune to the issue of the unemployed ending up homeless and hoping to land the job that will give them a home again.

DJ has a blog, titled “Diary of a Twin Cities White Collar Homeless Man Walking”, that you can follow, as well as Brianna’s, about what they go through daily as they search endlessly to find work.  Brianna has returned to the workforce and hopefully her book deal will be successful.  Lest we not forget DJ, because he’s doing the same thing:  return to the workforce.  But it’s more than about unemployment.  It’s the forgotten story and plight of homelessness.  It’s only talked about during the holidays or when winter arrives.

Homelessness is every day.

On the topic of the dating life in Des Moines, I dug up an old online article from Tango, written by Leslie Bennetts about how the guy who is “not my type” was the right guy along.  Bennetts writes about how she did everything to talk herself out of dating and eventually marrying her husband.

For full disclosure, I’m a sucker for stories like this, because there isn’t five minutes every day that I don’t think about “gee, what would it be like to finally meet the right person, sans the “must-haves” and lofty expectations.”

Have a great Saturday.  It’s warm, the sun is out, and daylight last past 8:30pm CDT now.

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