Legends, meet Perkins

After a pleasant day where I went to a bi-weekly group session, grocery shopping, and going brain-dead on something to write, I thought a quiet dinner at the southside Perkins would do the trick.

I didn’t expect to have a waiter/checker to turn in an Oscar-winning performance in the category of unprofessional behavior.

Perkins has a reputable reputation in providing good service and, in my humble opinion, leaving you alone while you dine with a book or going over some work.

That wasn’t the case tonight, as the male waiter I had was in his Shecky Greene routine tonight. Loud, obnoxious, and inattentive to one other customer and I, as he was entertaining a friend and his family in a booth across from me.

Thank you, thank you! Please, try the veal!

Traditionally, Perkins servers will bring out the jelly cart if you ordered toast. That didn’t happen. I’m a private person when it comes to eating alone. I was in no mood for  him to pester me about my “homework.”

I was going over the minutes and agenda for my Wartburg alumni board meeting next week. If I was going to do homework, I would have had a trigonometry book opened and writing out the math equation like Albert Einstein.

The experience was summed up at the end, when an older customer and I waited for over 5 minutes for the wannabe comedian, smelling of Marlboros to cash us out.

What’s your first name?” he asked, while peering at my driver’s license and my debut card when I have it to him. I told him my name.

Oh I wanted to know, because I want to name my next kid ‘Ro-mello’. Don’t you think that’s cool?“. I didn’t bother to look up as I was writing my name on the receipt.

I love Perkins, but that clown needs more training…of the customer service variety.

I may have found a candidate for Ad Mavericks for their “Worst of the Week”.

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