Friendly assist in helping unemployeds

Need tips to gain an advantage in the interview and your resume? Below are some tips to help out.

A good friend of mine, Suzanne Hull owns and operates her business, Contemporary Business Solutions, which assist organizations in create efficiencies by offering a variety of services on a virtual, as-needed basis.  She also has a blog called “Unemployed in Des Moines” that has become a popular site and meeting place for unemployed workers in the Des Moines area to go to for support and to refine their skills and job searches.

Suzanne Hull runs Contemporary Business Solutions and "Unemployed in Des Moines."

If you are a fan of hers, you may have noticed that “Unemployed” has been down for the past few days.  Apparently, her host site, for some unexplained reason, has knocked her website out for a loop.

As she works on getting that fixed, I’m going to give her a friendly assist today and post some interesting points and insights about how to get a “leg-up” on the career/job search.

Liz Ryan is one of the leading workplace advisors in the U.S., ‘the voice of the new-millennium workplace.’ Liz works with employers, universities and Human Resources thought leaders on the changing nature of work and employment.  Her column, courtesy of Yahoo HotJobs, lists the 10 phrases or sentences that could sink your resume and your chance to get your foot through the door with hiring managers.

-Mark Riddix, who writes for Investopedia, offers 7 things you should say in an interview to get their interviewer’s attention and interest.

-And finally, Jim Rendon of, finds the skinny on what Human Resources will never say to anyone, but themselves, when it comes to hiring and handling things in the workplace.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TCMSM says:

    You are welcome, Suzanne! We don’t want our fellow unemployed to feel left out while you’re working on getting your site up and running again!

  2. Suzanne Hull says:

    Thanks for the mention and for keeping up with the unemployed group for me. Hopefully will be active soon!!!

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