Take it or face the consequences?


A while back, I wrote my opinion on the health care bill that was passed and signed.  A key point I stated was that  “if it does pass and gets signed, put it in use, see if it works.  If some parts of it is ineffective, go back to the table, straighten it out or dump it.”

Yahoo and the Associated Press published a story on Thursday that 4 million Americans will be penalized if they don’t take up insurance under the new health care plan by 2016.  The 4 million that could be affected the most is middle class Americans.  No wonder why the talk about the “opt-in” clause became a big deal during the long debate and wrangling over it.

The interpretation I have gathered is that if you don’t take up insurance, the federal government will punish you and force you to take it. Please note, this is not a partisan view. It’s an observation.  But what if you still can’t afford it, regardless of your situation?

Last month, I listened to several self-employed individuals who are middle-class voiced their concerns about the new program.  In the past, they took up insurance on their own.  What they encountered was headaches and red tape.  They could not find the right type of insurance to cover their families and the premiums were above what they could afford as a middle-class family.

This is one possible problem that should be re-examined, now without Congressional meddling.  What can be done to give individuals more options, or tailor-make, insurance plans that best benefits themselves and their families?  The upper class can pay for whatever it costs for insurance, whereas the lower class will be covered regardless with the new health program.

Former disgraced Senator John Edwards campaigned that there are “two Americas” and the middle class is being squeezed out.  As someone who grew up in a blue & white collar middle class family, I strongly feel that the middle class is no longer an integral part of societal fabric anymore. And, contrary to some, it’s not coming back.

You either can afford it or you don’t.

Is it unfair that insurance options are limited and if so, should people be forced to take what is offered, or face punishment?

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