National Blog Post Recyling Day


Do more than hug a tree and recycle paper. Recycle a blog.

Josh Fleming of Lessing-Flynn unhatched a great idea for Earth Day.  If we are compelled to recycle paper, plastic, and strive to be more environmentally conscious, why not recycle old blog post to pay homage to Earth Day?

Sweet idea! Josh, #NBPRD is officially underway!

I pulled out a few old blog posts from my early days when I started blogging for Juice in February 2006.  That makes me a veteran in terms of the blogosphere.  It also made me pause to look back on how much I have evolved as a writer.

So, without further ado, in the next few days, I’ll be “re”-posting my old blogs, and I’ll add some pictures to correspond with the topics I wrote about back then.

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