The Mockery of a Review/Wishing Amy Home


How effective are “performance reviews”?  Do these reviews give you a clear indication of how well you are doing at work?  Is it another way for your boss to find ways not to reward you with a raise, or is it merely taking little incidents, and building them up as a way to run you out of town?

Does anyone really get this high of a mark on their reviews?

Samuel Colbert from the Wall Street Journal, via Yahoo Finance, didn’t mince words with his opinion of performance reviews:  they are a sham and useless.

He has my attention, and my support.  I have never been a fan of performance reviews.  No matter how great you are at your job, someone is going to nit-pick on something that you are “lacking” in.

At my last job, I never received a performance review.  This was after I was told I was going to have one after the first six months on the job.  For that matter, after 2 years being there, I guess they didn’t feel it was worth giving me one.

No matter if you work on one area that you needed to “improve” in, a new problem pops up that they want you to work on, if you’re going to get a promotion or a raise.

Colbert offers a few alternatives that businesses and companies should start doing if they really want to get the most our of their employees, as well as give the employees a reason to feel wanted and not be belittled.

Paul Yeager, host of IPTV's "The Iowa Journal"

I’m going to jump off-topic here and ask you to read “Public Paul and Media”, a blog written by my friend Paul Yeager.  Paul is the host of the IPTV program “The Iowa Journal” and I’m blessed to call him a great friend since our days at Wartburg College.

Paul’s wife, Amy, is stuck in Holland, on business for John Deere due to the ever active volcano in Iceland.  Her chance to head home has been scuttled several times since the volcanic activity started last week.  Paul has been writing about the difficulty and the anguish of Amy not being able to come home and the effect is having on their family, including their two sons, Noah and Levi.

Noah will turn 4 years old in a few days.  They hope that things can clear up out in Iceland and the rest of Europe, so that Amy can come home for Noah’s birthday party.

If there is one small gesture I can ask of all of you, please follow Paul and say a little prayer so that Amy and the many thousands of travelers can get home, once the volcano ashes finally dissipate and it’s safe to fly again.

All that the Yeager boys want is Amy home, and nothing else.

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