The lost art of handwriting

Tonight, I pulled out an old notebook that I use from time to time, to add some thoughts and ideas so I won’t forget them.

I noticed something deeply disturbing…

…my handwriting is sloppy.

As someone who prides on having good handwriting and penmanship, I felt horrified by how my writing has deteriorated over the past decade. People who uses shorthand thinks that I’m giving them a bad name.

How could I ignore this for so long? A Jimmy John’s sub sandwich can help you, ahem, “see the light.” Seriously, our handwriting is looking more like chicken scratch than the elegance of John Hancock’s signature. It’s everywhere. From signing receipts, checks, and note-taking.

We have to write down so much information in such a short time, when we go back to dissect what we wrote, we can’t barely understand it.

As I’m munching my sub, I have a pen in my left hand and the old notebook out. My thoughts and ideas are on hold.  I need to re-learn how to write my A’s, B’s, and C’s with clarity.

Handwriting has become a lost art. The computer and smartphones are not to blame.

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