Work vs. Life. Balanced or unbalanced?

Lately, I have been hearing the concept of “work-life balance” being tossed by employers and consultants.  Conceptually, a work-life balance (WLB)  is prioritizing your professional and personal life in that you don’t feel overburden by one and lacking in another.  From the interpretation I’ve gotten, a WLB is not exactly balancing your work and and regular life 50/50.

If that is the case, then a quote from a Richard St. John book “8 to be Great:  8 Traits That Lead to Great Success” may put this concept into question.

Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, commented:

“…if you go halfway at work, you are likely to go halfway at home in your professional life.”

After reading that passage, is the work-life balance worth the balance if you don’t go “100%” in your professional life and “100%” in your personal life? The pursuit of a WLB may not be the answer for many because there is the trade-off in which we can’t seem to resolve for ourselves:  go “all in” and work and sacrifice part of our personal lives, or vice versa.

In my professional life, trying to balance that work-life dynamic is a difficult one.  If I spend my time trying to advance in my career or job, I sacrifice the personal interaction with my family and friends.  If I want to spend more time socializing and meeting people, I feel guilty if my work starts to lag behind.

Maybe it’s okay to be unbalanced and still feel like you can accomplish a sense of semblance in your life.

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  1. TCMSM says:

    sorayablu, I went through the same thing in my previous jobs. The more the office advocated WLB, the more work we had to do to keep up. It is difficult to play “Superman or Superwoman” in the workplace and have “a life” at the same time when the pressure is on us to produce at a high level.

    Thank you sorayablu for your comment and finding this blog! I look forward in having you offer your thoughts and insights!

  2. sorayablu says:

    I daily struggle with this WLB dilemma. When my work demands long, intense hours I am left fatigued and with little left in reserve for the personal time. I tell myself that by being conscious of this, it at least helps a little to address it.
    Just stumbled on your work – will drop by more often. Thanks!

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