Building a Facebook fan page

Being a member of the Social Media Club of Des Moines can expose you to a world of not only social media, but how to create a website, WordPress plugins, and creating a fan page on Facebook.


That’s right. I’m at Smokey Row coffeehouse watching how to create a Facebook fan page. Those who are here in attendance have their own start-up businesses and are using social media tools to promote their business and new clients.

Instead of HTML, there is ‘FBML’. Looking at all of the coding language reminds me of taking a computer programming class at Wartburg.

It was way over my head. Trying to read C++ language was like trying to read pig Latin.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not the most tech-savvy guy on the universe. I’m not alone in making that admission.

But I can assure you, I’m not going to build a fan page of FB yet.

I still trying to build an audience on this blog!