Fire and Passion


Fran McCaffery, right, to be introduced as Iowa's new mens basketball coach this morning. Click on the picture to view his bio.

Fire and passion.

You need to have the fire inside of you to be passionate about what you love.

If you have never watched Siena College basketball, as I have several times over the past two years, the Saints play with fire and passion.  The team feeds off of it’s coach.  This morning at 11:00 am (CDT), Fran McCaffery will be assigned the task to instill that same type of intensity and enthusiasm into the Iowa program.

For my generation, watching the Iowa hoop program hit the bottom of the barrel is unnerving.  But this isn’t the first time it has happen in the program’s history.  The Dick Schultz era (1971-74) was a tough time for older Hawk fans.  Schultz was the buffer between Ralph Miller and, wait for it, Lute Olson.  This is a cycle that was bound to happen.

Fans have already judged McCaffery before he has coached a game.  Which is sad because, as the Burlington Hawk Eye’s John Bohnenkamp pointed out Sunday night, Iowa is gaining a reputation of being inhospitable to coaches.  This is due to the fans and our unrealistic expectations.

You can’t blame Iowa fans for lacking a little trust these days. But you can blame them for jumping off the deep end without knowing what kind of water was in the pool.   — John Bohnenkamp, Burlington Hawk Eye, 3/28/10

Fire and passion is what this Iowa program needs, not a big name or a “hot” name.  The best coach who can be the right fit.

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