Hello, my name is…

No mid-major coach, eh, Iowa fans?

Do you know who the gentleman on the right is?  If you don’t, let me introduce him to you.  His name is Fran McCaffery.  He was the head coach at Siena College in upstate New York.

On Monday morning, he will be introduced as the 22nd head men’s basketball coach at the University of Iowa.

How does that taste, Iowa fans?  You didn’t want another mid-major coach.  You wanted Keno Davis, Bruce Pearl, and B.J. Armstrong.  Keno and Bruce said no.  B.J. has no coaching experience, not even as an assistant coach.

What Fran has that is was lacking at Iowa is fire and passion.  His Siena Saints teams played with fire and passion. When their backs were to the wall during their MAAC conference run, they rallied, and won their conference tournament.

Isn’t that what UNI did last year, when Ben Jacobson was on the “hot seat” when the Panthers struggled out of the gate to start the season?

He is the best coach on the market to get right now.  He wanted the job more than anyone else, as Jon Miller reported on his Hawkeye Nation website.

Apparently many Hawkeye fans will be upset.  My advice:  get over it.  I said that the coaching pool was weak this year, but many didn’t want to hear it.

Iowa needed a spark.  McCaffery has the passion and the intensity.  He wants to be here.  He’s aggressive on the recruiting trail.

It would be sad and pathetic if Iowa fans turn their backs on this guy.

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