SEO Wrap-up

S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimization)
S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimization)

I want to thank Des Moines Register digital editor, Drake adjunct professor, and fellow East High classmate Chris Snider (@ChrisSnider) for his presentation on SEO and on-line writing this morning at Drake.  As a blogger, the seminar this morning helped answered my concerns and questions about how to get your blog noticed on search engines and drive readers to it.

Chris pointed out how people read online, what gets read online, and what tools aspiring bloggers are to use.

-People don’t read every word

-If they don’t find it fast, they click on something else

-Use short paragraphs (I’m guilty of not doing this)

-Use explanatory subheads

-and use literal headlines (“One and Done” is a no-no.  “Northern Iowa loses to Michigan St.” is appropriate)

I feel more confident in trying out some new things to make this blog better.  I wasn’t so sure before this morning’s session.

For those who have blogs and use SEOs, what are some other techniques and suggestions you want to add for those like me who want to be successful in the blogosphere?

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