Blogger or a Writer? What am I?


Rebecca Thorman is the well-renowned writer for the popular blog Modite, that delves into career and life conversations. I have recently started to read her blog and have added her to my RSS feed last week for my “must-read” list.

Two months ago, Rebecca wrote a blog that has made me stop and think about what am I and where I am going, with respects to my blog.

You can read she wrote here.

I feel she has a point and it resonates to me.  Ever since I started blogging on Juice, I have considered myself as a writer.  I feel that I do a good job of writing.  The problem was that my blog was unable to get traction or a following.  I have heard from many individuals who have told me to shorten my blog to 500 words or less, put more pictures in, and make it “entertaining”.

When I created this blog, my goal was to be able to write more in-depth about topics that interested me or has the interest of you.  I experimented with my blog to see if I could cut it down to 500 words or less, more pictures, and be entertaining.

I don’t know if it’s working because I still can’t garner the following and the comments to stimulate intelligent and thought-provoking conversations.  Do I have to be more “entertaining” and sacrifice my thoughts, philosophies, and ideas in order to build a community and a following?  Or is it better to be a writer and stick to what I know so well, which is the written word?

The blogger or writer issue is a fair one to ask and talk about as we progress forward in the world of the blogosphere and social media online.

Are you a blogger or a writer?  Where do you stand?  Is Rebecca right or is there a fault in her argument?

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  1. Pete Jones says:

    Not a bad idea. I know a lot of bloggers use this option.

  2. TCMSM says:

    Thanks Pete! This has been a tough thing for me to understand for several years now with it comes to should I use one avenue for the blogging crowd and the other the way noted sportswriter John Feinstein does his blog in long-form writing.

    I wonder if I should write the body first, and then write the first paragraph and/or sentence that will summarize what the featured blog is about for the one-minute reader who’ll skim through it?

  3. Pete Jones says:

    RH – I would agree, writing is different than blogging. But, with blogging, we know our audience only has a 1 minute attention span…if that, so we have to keep it short and provide the points illustrated in yours and Rebecca’s posts. With writing, there is a different expectation, people are ok taking the time needed to read the entire post or book or what-ever format. Where as, with blogging, I may only have their attention for 30 seconds until their phone rings or an email comes in.

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