NCAA Running Commentary Part 2 (the post-dinner dessert)


Georgetown, buh-bye!  Marquette, buh-bye!  Vandy and UTEP, thanks for participating!

#5 Butler vs. #12 UTEP:  it was looking good for UTEP.  They were doing everything right, and Butler looked out of sink.  That was until Butler went on a 22-6 run and ran the Miners out of the gym with that beatdown.  Butler’s going to the Sweet 16, if they control the tempo against Murray State on Saturday.

#3 Baylor vs. #14 Sam Houston St.:  it wasn’t a pretty game, but Baylor did enough to pull away from SHSU this afternoon.  Nothing spectacular here, unless you were watching…

#3 Georgetown vs. #14 Ohio:  The Bobcats led from the virtual start and never let their foot off of the Hoyas’ neck.  What a sorry effort by Georgetown.  I could make a case that the Big East have beaten each other up all year, but beating up on one another was supposed to help you be tougher at the end of the season.

#6 Marquette vs. #11 Washington:  Could have went either way, but Washington got themselves back on track down the Pac-10 stretch.  Quincy Pondexter would like to continue his senior campaign in the tournament.  Nice job Marquette for the swiss cheese defense when Pondexter made that GW basket.

#1 Kentucky vs. #16 East Tennessee St.:  didn’t see it.  Didn’t care.  It was over in the first 5 minutes.  Move along.

#8 UNLV vs. #9 UNI:  a game of contrasting styles.  Vegas loves to push it up, UNI wants to grind it out.  Panthers took a 9  point lead until the Runnin’ Rebels went to their pressure defense and whittle the lead down and eventually tied it up.

Hello Ali “BOMB-bay” Farohkmanesh.  Ali’s 3-pointer seals the deal and the ghost of Maurice Newby has been exorcised, 20 years later.

Nice job Panthers!

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