Time to rethink the schtick

Hey Howard, Don Imus called. He says your schtick isn't funny anymore to a lot of people.

Veteran shock jock Howard Stern recently held a pageant on his show between the alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods.  Ironically the three who participated were named Jaime, Jaimee, or whoever they are.  I’ll let you read the rest here, courtesy of Travis Rodgers.

Is it me or do I think that Howard Stern is no longer funny?  Take the Tiger Woods booty calls out of the picture and look at Stern.  When was the last time he was ever relevant?  The last time I can recall he was when he jumped to satellite radio.  I have never seen him as funny.  Crude, raunchy, and tasteless?  Yep.  But that what’s listeners on radio and satellite radio want to hear is Stern making fun of people.   I have no problems with that.  He can do what he wants on his show, which is why he’s on satellite radio and not regular radio.

I find it amusing that radio show hosts who says something inappropriate, act foolishly, or run afoul of anything, gets punished (see Don Imus and Marty Tirrell).  Stern, for whatever reason, gets away with letting his staff pull practical jokes like the following two clips:


Stern is good for some things, like his warning to Conan O’Brien, amid hatred, about Jay Leno which led to the Leno/Coco flap three years before it happened, but the prank calls, albeit amusing, it’s growing stale.  It’s childish and juvenile than it’s inventive and genius.

But what put it over the top for me about him was this shot he took on Gabourey Sidibe, who played the title role in the movie “Precious.”

There are some things you are better off thinking about before saying it.  In the case Howard Stern, he gets paid to keep running his mouth and say anything that could be insensitive or in poor taste.

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