Don’t Laugh…It’s A Growing Trend

I didn’t have anything planned to write about today, but I found the following dialogue between New York Times columnists David Brooks and Gail Collins.

Today’s column discussion:  Househusbands.

Maybe Michael Keaton was on to something. What a trailblazer!!

Maybe I’m crazy because I’m between currently between gigs, but I thought the idea of “Mr. Mom” to be a classic study of “wussification.”  Of course, that was back in 1985 when I said that to myself.

It’s 2010.  Maybe the idea of the alpha male keeping up the house and wrangling the kids may not be so bad.  On a serious note, with the domestic attacks of 2001, and the current economic conditions, some men have started to realize that “family” is not to be taken for granted it.

Spending more time with the kids, to them, is crucial now more than ever for mental and emotional reasons.

That is not to say that the roles are completely in reverse.  It’s becoming into a slow, but growing trend.

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