A “Wonderland” of Stupidity

Gifted, talented, and unfortunately, in his own "Wonderland."

John Mayer.

He’s a great musical talent.  Has performed with other great singers and performers.

He’s also immature and need to take PR classes on how to think about what’s he going to say, before answering questions.

Call him a jerk, racist, or a misogynist, whichever, but let’s make this clear:  he needs to grow up and act his age.  This isn’t college, Johnny.  Mayer is immature, believes that everything is for fun, and has no care about the people around him, especially the former girlfriends or dates he has been linked to.  Dude, talking about your “conquests” to a national magazine is, well, uh, tacky?

Kurt Greenbaum. Was he justified in "ratting" out a poster and costing him his job?

A writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is in hot water for how he dealt with someone’s post.  Kurt Greenbaum typed a “let’s see how many responses we get from this” question on the P-D’s website.  Someone posted a one-word term, and it was deleted.  The person then posted the word again.  Greenbaum notices that the IP address belongs to a school.  He calls the school and tells the headmaster about it.  It was discovered that the IT webmaster at the school was the culprit and he resigns on the spot.

Greenbaum then reports on what he did and cautions readers to don’t post vulgar comments while at work or you’ll get pink-slipped.

The reaction from the comment section and in some media circles were not happy about what he did.  Do you think that was bush-league of Greenbaum to do this, or do websites that has comment sections need to do a better job of monitoring comments, allowing dissent and sensible comments, while blocking vulgar and comments that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed?

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