If you don’t get it the first time, you won’t get it all

I missed “SoundOff” last week, so forgive me if I’m late to the party.  But, I find it a bit ridiculous and childish for an athletic director to demand an apology for a spoof  of the movie “Rudy” by using John Lickliter, son of Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter.  The hypocrisy that was oozing through the radio throughout “Murph and Andy” and “Matt and Miller” was asinine and stupid. 

I finally saw the Chris Hassel clip on Sunday evening after the Super Bowl.  I didn’t see anything insensitive at all.  For all of those who called in to both KXNO afternoon shows, I guess you idiots didn’t get the message: 

If you need someone to explain a joke (or a skit) to you, so that you can understand it, it’s no longer a joke. 

I was also somewhat put-off by the line that Keith Murphy added to his comments as well: 

Murphy also wrote that the Lickliter piece made him “uncomfortable.” Hassel’s pieces for “SoundOFF” have run without Murphy’s review beforehand for an honest response from Murphy and Fales, who co-host the show. That will no longer be the case, Murphy wrote.

How in the hell he didn’t know what Andy Fales or Chris Hassel had up their sleeves every week for their skits, if they didn’t run it by him?  For him to take them at their word is a bad reflection on Murph. 

C'mon Murph, you're better than that. Your job is to "always" preview pieces before they go on air.

That’s a cop out, Murph.  As the head of a leading television sports department, everything has to get your approval.  Secondly, Hassel should not have to apologize.  Take the cue of your boss, Dale Woods, and don’t you dare tip your hand to Gary Barta.  If people can’t take or understand a joke, then they are the ones who are over-reacting. 

The skit was never about John Lickliter.  It was a parody off of the popular movie “Rudy”.  In the skit, Rudy (John) was called on by the coach (Todd) to help the team get out of a losing funk. 

To say it was to be mean-spirited towards Lickliter is a bigger joke. 

I guess everyone forgot the fact that John Lickliter is no “scrub” player who’s on the team because of his daddy, as Matt Perrault and Ken Miller asserted Friday on their show (M-F 4pm-7pm, KXNO-1460).  In case you missed the memo, fellas, John did play for a highly-ranked prep program in Indianapolis (Franklin Central), and was a starter on an Iowa City High team that won state in 2008, after his father was hired to coach the Hawks. 

John Lickliter's no scrub. He's played for two great programs: Franklin Central in Indianapolis and Iowa City High.

Saul Smith played for his father, Tubby, and Pat Knight did the same for his dad Bobby.  It amazes me on how blind Hawkeye fans are to the facts, and spend all the time reacting, or over-reacting before getting the facts. 

All of you “fans” who called all of the local sports shows who felt that Hassel crossed the line with John Lickliter are probably the same fans who would have booed and slammed Saul Smith and Pat Knight when they played at Kentucky and Indiana respectively. 

The Lickliters don’t need people feeling sorry for them.  This is Big Boy, Big 10 basketball.  Not everyone will like love you or like you.  If they respect you, then it’s because you are beating their team. 

Or losing badly. 

The Lickliters have been under the public eye for so long when Todd coached at Butler, they are used to the scrunity and discontent among fans. 

Hawkeye fans, as I am one of you, let me give you some advice:  send an email to your athletic director.  This was a non-issue before he opened up his grill and proceeded to yap. 

Gary Barta and some of the fans need to put their Big Boy pants on and get over it. 

Better yet, if you didn’t get the joke the first or second time around, you’ll never get the joke at all.

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