It’s Only An Experiment

Stop worrying, the Pro Bowl's heading back to Honolulu next year.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but isn’t about time that the critics of the NFL stop overreacting over the decision to move the Pro Bowl to Miami and playing it a week before the Super Bowl?

Many sports talking-heads are ripping the decisions because it has made the Pro Bowl irrelevant.

Wasn’t it already irrelevant when it was in Hawaii in the first place?

I guess they missed the memo that this year’s Pro Bowl was an “one-year experiment”.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s going back to Hawaii next year and 2012.  The NFL wanted to see if tinkering with it would spark more interest in the Pro Bowl for viewers or not.

Back to the interest of the Pro Bowl, from the players point-of-view.  It’s not like they didn’t care much about going to Miami to pick up a bonus check (which was written into their contracts) and put it in auto-drive.  They’ve been doing it ever since the Pro Bowl was moved to Hawaii in 1980.  It has been in Los Angeles, Dallas, Tampa, Seattle, and New Orleans.  Even Kansas City hosted in 1974.

There has been a “Pro Bowl/NFL All-Star game” since 1939.  I have no issue with the NFL tweaking the Pro Bowl, if they feel they can pick up more viewers and interest.  Sometimes, throwing a monkey wrench into a something can be a good thing.

Or better yet, get people watching and talking about it.

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