I have to laugh.  Laughing is therapeutic.  It helps relieve some pent-up frustrations and it’s a positive way to look at things.

The call to change the overtime rules in the NFL is not only laughable, but reeks of revisionist history.  I guess Bob Costas didn’t have anything else to do but to pick on a topic that wasn’t baseball-related.  Costas brought up the idea that the NFL needs to change their overtime rules on “Sunday Night Football” earlier this year.  He and others have proposed that each team receives a possession in overtime to score.  If both teams scored or does not score in overtime, then it becomes a sudden-death round, in which the first team to score will win the game.

I love you Bob, but changing the overtime to "give" superstars a chance to keep the game going is silly. Stick with baseball, brother.

It’s a stupid idea.  Those who want this feels that Brett Favre was “denied” a chance to lead his team to answer the Saints’ Garrett Hartley’s 40-yard field goal in overtime.  If you want Favre to get the ball in overtime, then his defense should have tried to force a turnover, interception, or force a 3-and-out and make New Orleans punt.

For many of us, we have never played high-caliber sports like Division 1-A football, the NFL, or even Division III football.  To look at in a human point-of-view, pro football players enjoy doing their job:  getting paid to play.  To ask them to play a hybrid of the college overtime rules and then switch up to a sudden death round is ridiculous.  To them, playing in overtime is already physically and mentally taxing on them.

The quicker one team scores in overtime, the better it is in their eyes.  They are not going to keep playing longer to keep us entertained.  Also, the NFL players union and the league are not in favor of it, for fear that players can get injured playing in such a “new overtime system”.  Get the ball, have a chance to score, go home.  Simple as that.