You’re Wasting Your Time

In light of the devastating earthquakes that have crippled Haiti, I can’t help but to ask one simple question for a few of my fellow Twitterers and others:

Why in the hell are all of you spending your time worrying about what Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson have said about “what” caused the earthquakes in Haiti?  Why are you even commenting on it, ranting about it, or even talking about it.

People who spend their time ruminating over what a small number of people are saying, are wasting their time when they can best spend it donating, volunteering, praying, and doing what you can to show support or think about the Haitian citizens.  Those who continue to write or talk about Robertson’s and Limbaugh’s comments, have a serious problem.  It’s called a “you” problem.  You feel the need to spend needless time talking about two individuals everyone already know about and their views.

When I heard about the comments, I ignored it.  Apparently a few friends on Twitter and Facebook couldn’t seem to ignore it.  I feel sorry for them, but I don’t.  They’re wasting theirs and your time.

Do us a favor.  Stop talking about them.  Spend your time thinking about what you can do for the good folks down there who needs some serious good karma and hope.

Don’t have enough money?  Pray for them.  If you have a couple of bucks?  Donate it to an volunteer organization that will use all of it to buy food, blankets, water, etc.

Just stop talking about something that isn’t really worth hearing about.

Spend your time sending good karma to Haiti.