Lack of Empathy for the Unemployed from the Employed?

The Mighty and Proud Wall Street Journal
The Mighty and Proud Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has been following unemployed professionals in their journey to gain employment or to pursue their own dreams.

Today’s column by Gregory Lynn struck me as compelling because it’s feel like my voice is saying what he writes.  Are the employed empathetic to the unemployed and the employed who in jeopardy of losing their jobs?  I think some are, but not too much, because they do not want to imagine themselves out of the job.  It’s a natural fear.

I attend networking stuff a lot because I’m interested to learn more about people and their careers they have.  I’ve never had a career.  The career I had was one that I was never comfortable in.  As a result, I feel that I’m stereotyped in that career and my chances to explore a new career is severely limited. To add, I always get the vibe that we, as Young Professionals, don’t know how to relate and offer support.

We don't have bread lines like we did during the Great Depression, but the sentiment and the fear of being on the unemployment line still looms.

For Young Professionals, the zeal to shoot up the “ladder” is  good, but do we really help each other when one of us falls and has to pick up the pieces of what we lost?  Our jobs or careers is our identity.  They help others know who we are.  That philosophy is changing at a rapid growth and many of us are trying to catch up, but falling back every minute.

Here is Lynn’s column, as he expresses is concern that employed people do not show empathy or understand what unemployed people are going through.

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