Parity Rules on Saturday Afternoons

It’s an interesting question, who is the best college football team, that is.  So many pundits, so many arguments.  But, let’s be realistic here.  The best team, uh I should say the best (Division) 1-A team, is not Florida, Alabama, Texas, TCU, or Boise State.

No one stands out as the best team right now.  Since getting knocked out versus Kentucky, Tim Tebow has been pedestrian-like for Florida.   Alabama is the SEC’s version of Iowa:  phenomenal defense, and just enough offense to get by, even with RB Mark Ingram.  Texas can’t seem to get out the gates at the start of their games, only to flip on the switch in the 2nd quarter.

There are plenty of flaws with the Top 25 teams.  To add, there hasn’t been one “standout” game for either team to show that they are the cream of the top.  With that said, Florida and Texas, barring any major upsets, will meet for the B(C)S (or Big Six) championship.  Alabama has the most to lose, because their weakness on offense will catch up to them.  Mark Ingram can’t bail them out every time.

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